Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder

Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder
Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder
Product Description

Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder is formed by freeze-drying fresh royal jelly, which not only completely retains the nutritional ingredients and active substances of royal jelly, but also effectively solves the defect that the shelf life of fresh royal jelly is too short, so large-scale production or transportation of royal jelly is generally made into freeze-dried powder


Freeze dried royal jelly powder:

1. The source of freeze dried royal jelly powder is 100% fresh royal jelly, so the functions and effects of lyophilized royal jelly powder and the method of consumption are the same as those of fresh royal jelly.

2. Anti-aging

Humans have not yet fully understood the mechanism of anti-aging of royal jelly, but many people at home and abroad have been taking royal jelly for a long time. They are energetic and not prone to aging, indicating that it also has anti-aging effects on humans.

3.Improve sleep and promote gastrointestinal function

After taking freeze dried royal jelly powder, most people feel good sleep and full of energy. After taking royal jelly, the frail people have obvious effects.

4. Good for cardiovascular system

Royal jelly contains substances similar to acetyl choline, which can improve blood meteor, reduce human blood pressure, and can also be used for the auxiliary treatment of blood cholesterol and triglyceride abnormalities. Doctors in the Soviet Union and Agenyan used royal jelly to treat arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia, fast heartbeat and bradycardia, with good results.

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