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Polydextrose CAS No. 68424-04-4

Polydextrose CAS No. 68424-04-4
Polydextrose CAS No. 68424-04-4
Product Description


Synonyms:Poly-D-glucose Polydextrose, Poly-D-glucose

Molecular Formula: (C6H10O5)n

CAS Registry Number :68424-04-4


Polydextrose is a food ingredient classified as soluble fiber and isfrequently used to increase the non-dietary fiber content of food,[1] replacesugar, reduce calories and reduce fat content. It is a multi-purpose foodingredient synthesized from dextrose, plus about 10 percent sorbitol and 1percent citric acid. Its E number is E1200. The US FDA approved it in 1981.

Polydextrose also known as dextrose polymer,dextrose is the randompolymers of polydextrose, is an dextrose as the major polymer,citric acid ascatalyst and sorbitol as plasticizers,formed by thermal polymerization of awater-soluble Polymer.Polydextrose as a new type of dietary fiber andthickening agent, expanding agent,addition agent,bulking agent, is widely usedin low-energy,high-fiber, functional foods etc.


Appearance White or pale brown powder

Taste and smell Little sweet. no specialsmell

Polydextrose Min.90%

Dextrose Max.4%

Sorbitol Max.2%

L-Dextrose Max.4%

Moisture Max.4%

Sulphated ash Max.0.3%

Ph 2.5-3.5

Pb Max.0.5ppm

As Max.1ppm

Total plate count Max.3000 cfu pre gram

Coliforms Max.30MPN per100grams

Pathogenic bacterium Negative

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