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Kaempferol is a natural that has been isolated from , , , , , , and other plant sources. Kaempferol is a yellow crystalline solid with a melting point of 276-278 °C. It is slightly soluble in water but soluble in hot and .
Many of kaempferol, such as and , have been isolated as natural products from plants. Kaempferol consumption in tea and broccoli has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease.[]
Kaempferol is what gives the flowers of and their color. The compound has antidepressant properties.
 An 8-year study found that three (kaempferol, , and ) reduced the risk of by 23 percent.
cancer researchers have found that study participants who ate foods containing certain flavonoids seemed to be protected from developing lung cancer. Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang, of the UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center and a professor of public health and epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health said the flavonoids that appeared to be the most protective included , found in strawberries and green and black teas; kaempferol, found in brussel sprouts and apples; and quercetin, found in beans, onions and apples


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