Product Description
Name: Glucan
Synonyms: beta-(1,3)-D-Glucan
Molecular Formula:(C18H30O14)n
CAS Registry Number :9012-72-0
EINECS : 232-739-1
   Also name Hericium, Hericium erinaceus is a famous wild plant, with white fruit, good taste and abundant nutrition. It is one of China famous wild precious, along with sea pumpkin, bear paw, birds nest become the four famous dishes in China, in feudalism society, only the royalty can eat.
   Our Beta D Glucan is based on the premise of maintain the effect nutrition and physiological activity component of hericium erinaceus, adopt national science resultcell spore and self research extract technology of maintain GLU-02, extracted the effect component of beta D glucan from wild hericium erinaceus, with the function of restrain growth of spiral bacteria, accelerate abscess cicatrisation, amend stomach and intestines mucosa, identify and attack tumor of alimentary canal, according to analysis of Japan national examine department result,   the effect component not less than 30%, 40%, 50%, and appointed by Japan to be medical component.
   Usage: special function of digestive system, amend alimentary canal abscess, clinic use the polysaccharides to supplement cure of stomach cancer, gullet cancer, cardia cancer, intestines cancer etc. Also can enhance human immunity, with the function of anti-fatigue, anti oxidation, anti mutation, depress blood fat, anti caducity etc.
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