Zinc Yeast

Zinc Yeast
Zinc Yeast
Product Description

The natural yeast fermentation is supplemented with low levels of zinc, the yeast cream is pasteurized and then spray dried. This process allows the mineral to interact with the yeast cell components and the gentle processing conditions then preserve the level of the essential minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients.
Product name
 Zinc Yeast
 Tan powder
Particle size
 99% through a 60 mesh screen
Taste & Odor
 Characteristic of normal yeast
 less than 7%
 14 16%
Active ingredient

Microbiological analysis
Total plate count  
 3000 /g
Yeast and Molds
 300 /g
 10 /g
P. aeruginosa
 10 /g
E. coli
S. auraus

Packaging :25kg square drums or round drums.
Storage: Cool and dry conditions recommended.

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