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Sodium citrate,Trisodium citrate,CAS No.68-04-2

Sodium citrate,Trisodium citrate,CAS No.68-04-2
Sodium citrate,Trisodium citrate,CAS No.68-04-2
Product Code : AZ402
Product Description

Name:Sodium citrate
Synonyms:Trisodium citrate; 2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid trisodium salt
Molecular Formula:C6H5Na3O7
Molecular Weight:258.07
CAS Registry Number:68-04-2
Sodium citrate usually refers to trisodium citrate, though it can refer to any of the sodium salts of citric acid:Monosodium citrate ;Disodium citrate ;Trisodium citrate
Trisodium citrate is employed as a flavoring agent in certain varieties of club soda.
Sodium citrate is an ingredient in Benedict's reagent. Sodium citrate is used by Canadian Blood Services as an anticoagulant during apheresis. The saline compound is added in small amounts to blood collected from a donor and is included in the blood returned at the end of each cycle to avoid premature clotting.
Sodium citrate is a product of the chemical reaction Alka Seltzer produces when it comes in contact with water.
Sodium citrate is used in the relief of cystitis in women, its effect is to make the urine less acidic and therefore provide pain relief. Its is not recommended for children or men
Product name
 Sodium Citrate
 Specification (BP2000)
 White Crystalline
 Passes test
Appearance of soluotion
 Clear and colourless
Acidity or alkalinity
 Comply with BP2000
PH(5% Water Solution)

Heavy metals
readily carbonisable substances
 Not deeper than standard
Bacterial Endotoxins
 0.5 i.u/mg
 Passes test
Loss on drying

Packing: 25kg three ply paper bag with one inner PE bag or inner PE lamination
Storage:Store in cool, dry place in well-closed containers.
Shelf life:2years

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