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Manganese carbonate

Manganese carbonate
Manganese carbonate
Product Code : AZ415
Product Description

Name: Manganese carbonate
Synonyms: Manganese(II) carbonate
Molecular Formula:MnCO3
Molecular Weight:114.95
CAS Registry Number: 598-62-9
 Manganese carbonate occurs naturally as the mineral rhodochrosite. Approximately 20,000 metric tonnes were produced in 2005.
Treatment of aqueous solutions of manganese(II) salts with alkali metal carbonates leads to precipitation of this faintly pink solid. The carbonate is insoluble in water but, like most carbonates, hydrolyses upon treatment with acids to give water-soluble salts.
Manganese carbonate is widely used as an additive to plant fertilizers to cure manganese deficient crops. It is also used in health foods, in ceramics as a glaze colorant and flux, and in concrete stains.
Manganese is essential for aerobic life and its compounds are not highly toxic. Manganese poisoning, also known as manganism, may be caused by long-term exposure to manganese dust or fumes.
Materials for electromagnet ferrite, ceramic glaze; feedstuffs additive; also used as micronutrient fertilizer.


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