Ferric pyrophosphate

Ferric pyrophosphate
Ferric pyrophosphate
Product Description

Name: Ferric pyrophosphate
Synonyms :Iron (III) pyrophosphate; Diphosphoric acid iron(III) salt
Molecular Formula: Fe4.(P2O7)3
Molecular Weight: 745.21
CAS Registry Number :10058-44-3
EINECS :233-190-0
Blue white, odorless powder,little soluble in water and.acetic acid,soluble in inorganic acid and ammonia liquor,etc.
Used for intensifying dairy product,flour,salt and health product,etc. as nutritional enlargement agent(ferrous intensifying agent).
Quality specification(Enterprise Standard)
Product name
 Ferric pyrophosphate
Iron content, %                         
Arsenic (Calculated asAs),%
Lead, %
Burning loss, %

Storage:be stored in cool and dry place.Avoid light and heat
Shelf life:18months

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