Dimethyl dicarbonate(DMDC)

Dimethyl dicarbonate(DMDC)
Dimethyl dicarbonate(DMDC)
Product Description

Dimethyl dicarbonate

Chemicalformula                        C4H6O5

C.A.Snumber                               004-525-33-1

Formulaweight                            134.09

Appearance                                  Colourlessliquid

Assay                                              Notless than 99.8%

Density                                           1.25g/cm3(20°C/68°F)


As a manufacturer in the beverage industry, you are faced withincreasingly tough challenges. On the one hand, new types of drinks (e.g. withadded health benefits) always have to be developed, while still maintaininghigh production standards and ensuring that drinks are protected from spoiling.

Micro-organisms that can spoil drinks, such as yeasts mould andbacteria do not just affect the quality and particularly the organolepticcharacteristics of the drink, but can in certain circumstances endanger thehealth of consumers.

Micro-organisms are everywhere when bottling beverages - in theambient air, production plants, caps and the drinks themselves.

DMDC can permeate through the cell membrane, and block themetabolism through reacting with the enzymes of microorganism, then achieve thepurpose of sterilization. Even in very low additive amount, DMDC caneffectively kill typical spoilage bacteria in beverage, and not affect thetaste, flavor and color of the beverage. Furthermore, it could be rapidly andcompletely hydrolyzed to carbon dioxide and methanol, which are the natural ingredientsof juice.

Theuse of DMDC (Dimethyl dicarbonate) is approved for a wide range of beveragesaround the globe:

·                           Â·                           Â·                           Â·                           Â·                           Wines & Cider

Soft drinks and wines treated with DMDC are compatible with all currentlyknown packaging formats, like glass, PET, cans, cartons, pouches or Bag-in-Box.












The use of DMDC is approved for a wide range of differentbeverages around the world. Prominent bodies, such as the EU ScientificCommittee on Food, the FDA in the United States and the JECFA of theWHO, have all confirmed the use of Dimethyldicarbonate in the food industry. 


DMDC isadded during the production of the beverage. Even at low concentrations, DMDCis very effective against typical micro-organisms such as yeast, bacteria andmould.

DMDC penetrates the cell anddeactivates enzymes, leading to the distruction of the micro-organisms.



Onceadded to the beverage, DMDC rapidly breaks down into negligible amounts ofmethanol and carbon dioxide, naturally occuring compunds in many beverages suchas fruit and vegetable juices and wines. Consequently, it has no effect on thetaste, smell or colour of Package:                 4kg/20kg

Storageconditions:     In optimal storage conditions (storage temperature: 20°C-30°C),the storage period is one year


Package of 4kgbottle ( 16kg/carton)

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