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Product Code : AZ748
Product Description
Name:  D-Fructose-1,6-diphoshate calcium salt; FDP Ca
Molecular Formula:  C6H12CaO12P2
Molecular Weight:  378.18
CAS Registry Number:  103213-33-8
FDP is an important intracellular intermediate of metabolism that controls the activities of some enzymes in glycometabolism and repairs and improves cell metabolism at the molecular level. With effective whole-cell catalysis, bioseparation, and crystallization techniques, we obtain products of high quality and purity.
FDP can be used as an intermediate for producing FDP analog medicines. FDP can be used in feed additives for promoting growth and improving the health of animals. FDP can be used in food additives and healthy foods, replenishing the trace elements that are necessary substances for normal growth. FDP can be used clinically in treatment, or adjunctive treatment, of osteoporosis and male sexual dysfunction.
Package: The inner package is a plastic bag, and the outer package applies fiber filmed drum. The product is packed with vacuum seal.
Storing and Transporting Conditions: Put it at 18-20°C temperature, 35-55% relative humidity. Keep it at clean and ventilating place, and be away from light. Store it with sealing up. Stack it away from floor and wall. Never store it with poisonous or hazard substances.
Shelf Life: It will be 12month when it is stored and transported according to above conditions.
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