Colostrum bovine softgel capsule

Colostrum bovine softgel capsule

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In reviewing many of the articles published for refereed journals pertaining to bovine colostrum for human use, we know that the colostrum we process is of the highest quality available and is from 1st milking post parturient cows, thereby containing the greatest abundance of immune proteins (specific and nonspecific) available.
First milking only colostrum is in perfect balance and when ingesting small amounts will help normalize, regulate and maintain body functions if not by direct action, by the concert action of regulating and supporting other organs, glands and systems.
Newborns (human and veterinary mammals) need first milking colostral proteins to awaken their organs, glands and all other body functions. These same regulating bio-proteins continue to normalize, regulate and maintain normal body function at any age.
Our bodies, when functioning normally, produce all of these regulating bio-proteins in perfect balance. As different conditions come about, various body functions cease to perform properly, thus allowing changes in function of this particular body system and also allowing other systems to be compromised.