Calcium Malate

Calcium Malate
Calcium Malate
Product Description

Product Name: Calcium Malate
Synonyms:butanedoic acid,hydroxy,calcium salt,calcium malate;calcium dl-malate;dl-malic acidcalcium salt;dl-malic acid calcium salt95%;-Hydroxybutanedioic acid calcium salt
Molecular Formular: C4H4CaO5
Molecular Weight: 172.15
CAS NO: 17482-42-7
EINECS: 241-498-1 

Calcium malate is a compound with formula Ca(C2H4O(COO)2). It is the calcium salt of malic acid. As a food additive, it has the E number E352.
It is related to, but different from, calcium citrate malate.
Usage : This product can be used in food industry as calcium reinforced agent.
Property :White or Light Yellow Crystal or Powder
Product name
 Calcium Malate
 Quality Index
Contentas C4H4O5Ca
Weight Loss During Drying
 25.0% Max
Arsenic Contentas As
 3mg/kg Max
Heavy Metal Contentas Pb
 20mg/kg Max
Chlorides Contentas Cl
 0.05% Max
Free Acid Test and Free Alkali Test
Carbonates Content

Packing : 25 kilos per bag.
Storage : Need to be stored in one cold and dry place with good ventilation facilities. Can not be stored or be transported along with poisonous chemicals.

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